I've been an advertising photographer since I started FFU almost 30 years ago. And today, I continue to do just that. I also build relationships with everyone who needs our services. I love people and I love being able to provide creative services that help grow their businesses and enhance their survival. After years of putting rock bands together, I've learned to understand creative personalities. I've overseen the process of building a team of cohesive, prolific artists who inspire each other and our clients. So That's really what I do now at FFU. I make friends and try to enhance prosperity for everyone. Additionally, I shoot and edit video, write and record music for web and video, and oversee the operations and morale of our team and our clients.


Enthusiasm! And an inspired intuition. Every client has very specific expectations when they come to us for a service. We breathe life into their expectations. We create art, in every form. Photography, graphic design, web design & programming, SEO and Social Media, copywriting, character and technical illustration, video and audio production, music composition. Technical expertise is a prerequisite, boundless inspired creativity on command is the most important aspect of design.


The interesting thing about having created Fast Forward Unlimited over 30 years ago … when I did so it was based on an ideal I knew was absolute. That if I loved what I did for income, I’d never work a day in my life. For me, there was no other option. So, I feel that my pursuits and day to day activities at Fast Forward are equal in fun and fulfillment to all other activities in my life. So when I’m asked what do I do with my free time, well … Fast Forward is part of my FREE TIME!

That being said, it’s certainly NOT all that I devote myself to. My life is an ever evolving series of activities and experiences that certainly keep me amused, challenged and fulfilled. Last Spring I decided to reunite with my old band members from White Tiger and put together a series of shows, for the first time in 32 years. We rehearsed for many months and began playing in the NJ rock club circuit again, our first show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, Dec 13, 2014. It was a blow-out success. So we’re playing again and loving it. I’ve got a renewed commitment to playing my guitar,, I’ve got my music back in my life, along with my band (an old, seasoned family) and it’s so rewarding. I’ve also changed my lifestyle to include daily workouts at the gym, I spend time with my Grandkids and my kids who I love limitlessly, and the very special relationships in my life that give passion meaning. I also love to cook. So, my free time is as creative as my time with Fast Forward Unlimited. And honestly, all of my life is free time. It really feels great to say that.

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