We can help with your marketing needs

We can help with your marketing needsOur studio is always such a buzz with activity that no one person can actually keep up with all the changes, and continue to insure we, and our clients, are up to speed on the newest internet marketing trends, and more importantly, not missing any potential business opportunities.

Every day there are new developments about how to better improve your social media marketing, SEO packs, and Internet interaction to grow your business. I underline ‘every’ when I type it because it is literally every day that changes to how to better utilize the internet as a marketing tool are being introduced.  It is, at times, overwhelming; however, with a little help and direction, it can be somewhat easier to manage.


Considering your time and the tasks and responsibilities you have on your plate each day, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of all the new techniques and developments. As an example, I personally, almost missed #ff.

What is #fridayfollow or is it #followfriday?   http://askaaronlee.com/how-to-do-a-proper-follow-friday-on-twitter/

#ff is an exciting way to provide and receive reciprocal twitter followers, and it’s something one does on Fridays; hence, the followfriday. Like #tbt, #wcw or #mcm.  Are you with me?

It is our responsibility to insure we are aware and utilizing the newest trends for our business and that of our clients’, but in order to keep up with all the newest trends, we sometimes need to embrace the value of outside resources and support to help us meet and ultimately exceed those goals. Had I not, I would have missed the opportunity for followfridays (#ff).


Meet Choiselle.  Recently, we had the opportunity of engaging with this new client to provide product photography.  Choiselle, (@choiselle on twitter) is a new and exciting luxury skincare line, based out of New York, and was tweeting that they were in need of a product photographer.  Utilizing our Vocus Marketing Suite, we were able to reply instantaneously.  With the help of this outside marketing support system,  our reply tweet was received, and responded to. The products were in our studio and photographed within that same week.

Because of a willingness to embrace help and support from a cutting edge marketing platform, we have a satisfied, new client with whom we have the potential of having a long-term relationship.

Certainly, not every tweet or buying signal is going to produce the year’s biggest windfall, but certainly, any assistance in finding new business through non-traditional avenues, in these competitive times, is a home run in any sales or marketing department.

It’s our responsibility to embrace and evangel the newest trends to continue to support ourselves and our clients’ business…

Oops.  Just missed another change #cam “Cindy advice Mondays”


AUTHOR: Cindy Dittfield

<p>I am the resident writer — anything and everything from a quick tag line to the weekly blogs. A resource for the studio regarding marketing and sales concepts, I gather information about and from our clients to understand their businesses to support the creative team.</p>

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